Media Supporter


I.    Advertising decoration machines, equipment

- Large format printers (LFP)
- FP supplementary machines, equipments
- Plotters
- Engraving machines
- Hot air welding machines
- Plastic processing machines
- Metal processing machines
- Textile and pad printers
- Cutters
- Other advertising decoration machines and equipments

II.    Creative design

- LFP color management
- Color calibration and measurement products
- RIP software
- Software (production, press and print optimalization
  and cost-calculating programs)
- Hardware

III.    Basic and supplementary materials for advertising decoration

- Self-adhesive vinyls
- Flags, banners, mesh adverts, billboards
- Other, non-paper based print carriers
- Inks
- Other raw and supplementary materials for advertising

IV.    Outdoor and indoor advertising means

- Advertising balloons
- Luminous advertising
- Light shows
- LED panels
- Prism panels
- Display
- Information and wayfinding boards
- Luminous and non luminous posterholders
- Decorating elements for shops and shop-windows
- Other Indoor and outdoor advertising equipments
  (shopdesign, classic signs, totem signs, car wrapping,
  plastic signs, stretched films, vacuum formed displays/signs,
  ambient media, more out-of-home products)
- Virtual advertising (AR, holographic projecting)

V.    Advertising decorateurs

- Decoration studios
- Painted signs
- Sign makers
- Airbrush manufacturers
- Engravers
- LFP Printing companies
- Other advertising decorateurs

VI.    Post processes (LFP)

- Finishing
- Lamination
- Cutting
- More post-print jobs

VII.    Gifts

- Gifts manufacturer
- Gifts distributor
- Art prints
- Wall prints
- Other gifts manufacturers and distributors

VIII.    Tools for pro’s (welding, drilling, heatguns)
IX.    Advertising and media agencies
X.    Organizations

- Trade organization
- Trade school

XI.    Financial and leasing firms